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is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Hanover, New Hampshire. 


Andrew has been playing guitar for over half of his life – starting at the age of 11 – and he's been singing for even longer. Andrew's currently studying music at Dartmouth College, with a focus on songwriting and performance. 


Although he was raised on classic rock and pop-country, he eventually found his passion for Folk, Americana, and Bluegrass. He loves the elegance and simplicity of acoustic music, and is dedicated to making his instruments an extension of himself. Though he no longer identifies with the genres of his youth, this past exposure has resulted in his unique perspective on music. And while he is only beginning to establish himself as a songwriter, the fingerprints of songwriters who came before him can be found all throughout his music.


Andrew is available to hire for live music, private events, and for private guitar or banjo lessons. Andrew comes equipped with all the live sound gear to accommodate any small or medium venue.


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is a Bluegrass and Folk trio based in Hanover, New Hampshire.


The group comprises of Andrew Brozek (vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo), Eli Smith (mandolin, telecaster, acoustic guitar), and Andrew Brancato (bass). Though they come from all corners of the country (MT, VA, and NY, respectively), they were brought together while studying at Dartmouth College. These three immediately connected through their shared passion for music and performance, and quickly developed their on-stage synchronicity.


Ramblers & Co. combine their diverse life and musical experiences to create a new sound on generations-old music.  

Ramblers & Co. acoustic bluegrass band performing live on stage
Bluegrass acoustic band Ramblers & Co., performing live on stage
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